Godtet is the debut LP and live band project from Sydney guitarist, Producer & Beat-maker Godriguez. Praised for his production on ‘The Great Mixtape’ for Sampa the Great, Godtet sees Godriguez stepping back into the live format of production with a full band.

From Godriguez: This record came about with no preconceived ideas of what we were making or what it would sound like. The sessions felt very meditative. We hope the deep love, respect and open hearts we have for each other can permeate from the music into everyone who hears this.


The Players

Andrew Bruce - Piano
Jan Bangma - Bass
Tully Ryan - Drums
Dominic Kirk - Percussion
Godriguez - Guitar

Produced by Godriguez and Jack Prest
Recorded live, no overdubs, in 2016 by Jack Prest, assisted by Antonia Gauci, at Studios 301, Alexandria, Sydney
Mixed and mastered by Jack Prest

The self-titled LP is out October 27th via La Sape.