La Sape presents the second offering from Godtet“II”. Godtet is the brainchild of Australian Instrumentalist and producer Godriguez. Praised for his production on ‘The Great Mixtape’ for Sampa the Great, Godtet see’s Godriguez stepping back into the live format of production with his band plus Simon Mavin (Hiatus Kaiyote) & Zeke Ruckman (30/70). Whilst in Melbourne playing shows launching the first album, Godtet decided to record “II”, the bulk of which was recorded over one day and was rooted in improvisation like the first record. 

After releasing the self-titled debut in late 2017 Godtet have quickly become a staple within the emerging Australian Jazz & Instrumental scene with adulation streaming in from all parts of the globe. House Shoes called it his “album of the year” whilst Gilles Peterson made an exception in his Melbourne focused World Wide FM show playing the Sydney outfits music.

II” differs from the first in that instead of improvising from a totally open and free starting point, the band began with themes and ideas they’d been performing at gigs leading up to the session. The post production process was much more involved compared to the first where sections were edited together, instead of using uninterrupted takes as on the first record. Finally, overdubbing extra percussion, synths and vocal parts gave a much more layered sound and texture to the record. Godtet endeavoured in the creation of “II” to focus more on creating sounds with rich character and colour, potentially described as “lo-fi” (to their ears), as opposed to the super high-fidelity sonics of the self-titled.

Track List:

  1. Max Lush Carlos

  2. Blown Bamboo Pipes

  3. Enumerating

  4. Alice

  5. Oubladi

  6. Zawinul

  7. Christ Gat God

  8. Magnibro

  9. Struck Bamboo Pipes