“They are crazy, insane musicianship” - Jordan Rakei

“Album of the year” - House Shoes (Street Corner Music)

“Godtet makes me happy, in a melancholic funky confused way. They're capable of surprising, and for me most importantly Godtet has a signature sound that i cant say i've heard before..there's cues but nothing that really says oh yeah i see why they did that.. I think If you can combine genuine experimentation, sonically, technically, arrangement wise and with a super pleasing sound then you've succeeded, big time. The first record was in my top 5 albums of the past 2 years, this one is digesting very nicely now.” - Ari Roze (Plug 7 Records)

“The thing to cherish about Godtet is the cool self-awareness that they reverberate. With their untroubled desire to create deep funk in the knowledgeable shadows… Understated and heavy, Godtet II is the continued investment in Australia’s isolated magic and independent edge”. - Nicholas J. Rodwell (4ZZZ)

“I believe it’s one of the most important contemporary jazz releases to come out of Australia in a long time”. Charlie Perry (LNWY)